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A healthy life with HIV

The HIV Treatment Center in Amsterdam offers a treatment that suits you and your lifestyle.

Preventing and testing

The HIV Treatment Center provides an annonymous HIV-quicktest and STD-tests within two days. We are also closely involved with PrEP care.

HIV treatment

At the HIV Treatment Center, we do everything we can to ensure the high quality of live with HIV. In one central location in Amsterdam, you receive your personalized HIV treatment as well as advice and coaching about everything you want to discuss regarding your health.

Integrated care

At the HIV Treatment Center in Amsterdam we offer as much care as possible under one roof. We offer testing and treatment of AIN, hepatitis and STD's. You can also participatie in a specialized appointment about sexual health.

Arne van Eeden

Internist-infection specialist

Founder of the Jan van Goyen HIV Clinic and since 2013 of the HIV Treatment Center in Amsterdam. Before internist-infection specialist in OLVG and AMC. More than twenty years experience in HIV care.

Mark van der Valk

Internist-infection specialist

Head of AMC’s HIV Outpatient Clinic, researcher Agehiv study and Chairman of the Dutch Association of HIV Treatment

Loek Elsenburg

Nurse consultant

Over 15 years experience in supporting people with Hiv. In addition I dedicate my time to PrEP. I am volunteering with the Hiv Society, for example I give the workshop “Positive Living”. I am also involved with Hello Gorgeous and other parties with the “Stigma project”.

Wilma Brokking

Nurse consultant

From 2008 onwards I work in hiv care. The first 5 year at MC Jan van Goyen and since 2013 at this clinic. Besides hiv my speciality areas are PrEP, Hepatitis and the execution of anoscopies. The quality of healthcare is important to me. That’s translates into diverse in- and external activities.

Hans-Erik Nobel

Specialized nurse

I work in hiv care since 1995. Since 2002 as a nurse consultant. I am specialized in detecting predecessors of anal cancer. I also help patients with their sexual health as specialized sexual health consultant. I love my work at the center because of all its possibilities we have to priority the wishes of the patients.

Jeannine Jellen

Internist-infection specialist

Has been an internist at the AMC dince 2001, specialized in pregnancies of HIV-positive women.

Lida Soares Dias

Practice assistant

Ieda Viana

Laboratory technician

Wendy Kroon

Practice assistant

About our HIV Treatment Center

The HIV Treatment Center has a unique vision for HIV-care. People who are HIV-positive can lead long and healthy lives. For that reason, it’s important to consider a treatment plan that is focused on this way of living, and not on the disease itself. In our informal clinic in Amsterdam, we offer treatment plans that suit you and your lifestyle. Together with a committed team of experienced internists and nurses, we tailor-design your treatment plan. In doing so, we look beyond just HIV. You can openly discuss any consideration with us, with a focus on a healthy aging process. Thanks to our unique partnerships with the Amsterdam University Medical Center, general practitioners and other partners, we are always able to work towards a solution.
Team HIV Treatment

Why choose the HIV Treatment Center in Amsterdam?


During our 30 minute consultations, we take the time to truly listen to you.

We look beyond the HIV treatment in order to keep you healthy in the broader sense.


We work with you to choose a tailored treatment plan.

An accessible clinic where you never have to wait long for an appointment or for lab results and is also open in the evenings for consultations.


Benefits of an academic hospital due to the partnership with the Amsterdam University Medical Center.

Own lab, own pharmacy and diverse medical specialties under one roof.

Make an appointment?

You can plan your appointment within a few days. Call 088-0100944 for direct contact with the HIV Treatment Center!

Would you like to orient yourself first?

Feel free to stop by our beautiful center located on Valerius-square to get a sense of the space or plan an informal orientation meeting with one of our nurses or internists via 088 - 0100 944.

For referrals

Would you like to have a multidisciplinary discussion regarding STD-treatment, HIV-treatment, PrEP or another referral? Our internists and nurses are available at 088 - 0100 945.

Do you have a question or do you want to meet us?