DC Pharmacy Valeriusplein – specialists in HIV

The DC pharmacy Valeriusplein is located within the HIV treatment centre Amsterdam. This pharmacy is specialized in HIV. In addition to up-to-date knowledge of the medication, the pharmacists also understand how to adjust the medication to the daily lives of the patients.

About the pharmacy

The interaction sensitivity of HIV inhibitors is high. It is therefore very important that the pharmacist understands how other medications (from serious medication to self-care substances) can influence the HIV treatment.Due to our specialization in HIV, the pharmacy can hone its services for the target group. This means a better and easier service for ordering, picking up and delivery of medication.
The pharmacy is a specialist in HIV thanks to:

  • Good cooperation and consultation with the internists and nurses of the HIV treatment centre.
  • Personal contact with the patients for direct feedback on the use of the medication in practice.
  • Continual training on the latest developments in HIV.
Our optimized services:

  • Getting six months’ worth of medication
  • AAlways in stock; take new medication directly home with you. This also applies to medications for STDs.
  • Reminder and delivery service; you’ll be called when it is time for a new order and this can be delivered for free if you wish.


The DC pharmacy has a special background regarding PrEP care. The founder, Hans Smit, has worked hard with the PrEP.nu organization for an affordable price for PrEP in the Netherlands by entering into discussion with the pharmaceuticals manufacturers. The result of these efforts is that PrEP is now available for 39 euros per month in the pharmacy, including the processing fees. This is the lowest price ever in the Netherlands. You can get PrEP in bottles and in strip packages.

Using PrEP and living in Amsterdam?

The unique cooperation between the pharmacy and the HIV treatment centre in Amsterdam means that the PrEP care is centred in ONE location. The HIV treatment centre provides information on PrEP and performs the necessary tests before you can start. You pick up the medications directly from the DC pharmacy. The HIV treatment centre provides support afterward as well as coaching regarding treatment adherence.

Want to know more? Contact the treatment team via hivbehandelcentrum@dcklinieken.nl

Using PrEP and not living in Amsterdam?

The DC pharmacy starts a unique national collaboration with doctors to make PrEP available to everyone in the Netherlands. For more information see www.prep-direct.nl. On the website you’ll find the quickest way to a clinic in the area for the required health tests. If you qualify for PrEP, you will receive the medication every month, delivered to you for free at the same price as you pay in the DC pharmacy.

Using the pharmacy

As a patient, you have the right to a free choice of pharmacies. So it is not necessary to completely change pharmacies if you want to utilize (a part of) the services of the DC pharmacy.

Tell your health care provider that you would like to receive (a part of) your medication via the DC pharmacy. You register once with the pharmacy and indicate which services you wish to utilize. The DC pharmacy team takes care of the rest.