Our collaborations

Aging in a healthy way with HIV can mean that you sometimes need a referral to another physician. It can be a supplement to the treatment.

The HIV treatment centre Amsterdam therefore works closely with other caregivers. With this cooperation, the HIV treatment can be better tailored to other treatments.

With Amsterdam UMC

  • The HIV treatment team has weekly multi-disciplinary consultations with the HIV team of Amsterdam UMC. In addition to tailoring treatments, during these meetings, new scientific developments and experiences from practice are shared.
  • Thanks to the collaboration with AUMC, our patients have access to 24/7 emergency care from the internist team of the AUMC.
  • It is also possible for our patients to participate in academic studies of the AUMC**
PREVENTMaking people aware of HIV quick-tests in men (MSM) with a non-western background via peers
NOVAStudy on the effect of early starting with c-Art for acute HIV infectionLong-term study


  • We have a quarterly case discussion so that we can align the treatment of GGZ inGeest and the HIV treatment team.
  • As of January 1, 2019, GGZ inGeest has a consultation at our location once every three weeks. The low-threshold consultation is intended to be an introduction to see whether a referral to GGZ inGeest is something for you.

GGD Amsterdam, STD clinic

  • There is collaboration in the area of HIV cohort research, STD research and treatment, hepatitis B vaccinations for risk groups, sexual behaviour research, HPV research and H-team.

AIN working group

  • Municipal work group of all hospitals where AIN treatment takes place to tailor research and treatment.

In addition, the HIV treatment centre Amsterdam works closely with general practitioners and pharmacies.

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