Practical Information

The HIV Treatment Center in Amsterdam has very short waiting times. That means you can quickly have your first appointment with us. Call our treatment team directly to promptly book an appointment at 088 0100 944. You can reach us between on weekdays from 8.30 to 16.00. On Monday we are available until 19.00.

Your first appointment

When you arrive at the building, go through the hallway to the service desk on the left. In order for us to ensure appointments take place at their scheduled times, try to arrive 10 minutes before your consultation starts. Please have all of the following documents with you:

During the first visit you will have an intake with one of the specialized nurses. At the same time you will meet one of the internists. With the nurse and/or internist you will discuss your symptoms, questions and other aspects that may be relevant. Together you will schedule in-blood research and other necessary tests. We will deliberate with your general practitioner or other practitioners to receive essential medical data about you. At the next meeting you will see the nurse and/or internist to discuss the results of the tests and to draw up an appropriate treatment plan.


All HIV-care is reimbursed by the health insurers if you have a referral from your general practitioner. Please do keep in mind the excess. If your health insurer does not cover the full invoice, DC Klinieken will pay the difference. For more information please contact our financial administration at 088 0100 937 or e-mail to